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    • Case Study: New Audience Acquisition
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    Nissan Utilizes the Outpost Platform to Reach New Audiences for the LEAF Electric Vehicle

    Nissan is utilizing the Outpost platform to connect with a more progressive urban audience. We’re helping them introduce and shape their brand stories for the LEAF, Titan, and other vehicles. We are also helping position Nissan as a leading tech company with this audience.

    • Working with the Nissan team to develop a messaging strategy to reach a new target audience
    • Media strategies have attracted tens of thousands and amplified messaging from digital to IRL
    • Created the “Converge” major event series that brought thousands together to celebrate the convergence between art and tech, a major brand objective
    • Event series kickoff was a large-scale multi-media experience of art, tech, and Nissan LEAF, performance by CHVRCHES
    • Introduced the brand to a high-end younger audience they had not connected with in the past across digital and IRL channels
    • Amplified experiences with addition social campaigns
    • Designed and created a Nissan sub-identity system for the campaigns
    • Designed and developed digital landing experiences
    • Provided analytics for ongoing refinement of messaging and audiences
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    • Epic Team-Building Experiences
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      Advertising Technology

    Outpost is Helping MNTN Create Strong Internal Culture Through Epic Team Experiences Across the United States

    In 2021, MNTN embraced a new way to work when they left their old offices behind to collaborate remotely.

    Recognizing the continued vital need for in-person connection, they‘re tapping Outpost to bring their team together 4x per year in iconic locations around the United States. Outpost serves as an end-to-end solution for these highly-sophisticated experiences, from design to planning production to production to execution on the ground. Since launch, we've brought the 300+ person MNTN team together in Los Angeles, Aspen, Austin, and Napa, with additional MNTN Meets planned into 2023.

    Here's how we help MNTN build world-class hybrid culture:

    • Conceive and design integrated, 360 degree 3-day teambuilding retreats for the MNTN team
    • Develop a broad itinerary of adventure experiences to create opportunities for team members to bond and build community
    • Book talent, including a Grammy-award winning talent for an unforgettable closing party
    • Experience in a box: Handle all aspects of the production, book all travel and accommodation, ensure event success
    • Source and book hotel accommodation across multiple properties for the 300+ member MNTN team
    • Create a custom website for each retreat, announcing the event and build excitement across the entire company for the next IRL gathering
    • Capture photo and video content to assist in amplifying MNTN’s recruiting efforts

    • Interested in bringing Outpost and our unique take on teambuilding to your organization? Drop us a note for a free consultation, or get in touch via our
      contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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    • Various New Audience Acquisition Campaigns
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      Electric Motorcycles

    Outpost is Helping Harley-Davidson® Introduce Electric Motorcylces to a New Generation of Riders.

    Harley uses the Outpost platform to reach millennial riders and young aspirationalists through authentic content and experiences that provide high-quality media and compelling story-telling. Harley works with us on an ongoing basis. We’re currently focused on helping them launch the new LiveWire electric motorcycle.

    We've helped Harley in a number of ways over the years:

    • Crafting a messaging strategy and a new target audience for the various motorcycles
    • Developing video ads and photography content with social messaging strategy
    • Driving audiences to an H-D Design Week event, several Outpost Trade events, and an SF culinary event
    • Amplified the IRL experiences with addition social campaigns
    • Designed and developed digital landing experiences


    • Events drew tens of thousands to learn about bikes and engage in experiences that created a halo
    • Created extensive hype around test ride events and attracted hundreds of moto-licensed guests to try out the LiveWire
    • All events and social campaigns attracted high-end younger audiences outside HD traditional target
    • Designed and created sub identity systems for various campaigns
    • Providing valuable analytics for constant refinement of messaging and audiences
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    • Diageo + The Outpost Platform
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    Helped Develop Strategies Across Many Diageo Brands

    A Client since 2017, we've partnered on multiple social and IRL projects across several of their brands, including Singleton and Bulleit; We will be introducing a number of additional Diageo brands to the Outpost platform in 2020.

    • Helped Bulleit, Singleton, Oban, Ketel, and other super-premium brands craft experience strategies
    • Developed creative + produced a shoot to tell brand stories
    • Combined content efforts with other cool brands to expose Diageo to new audiences
    • Created various video, photography, podcasts, and other campaign assets
    • Showcased brands and created engaging experiences at Outpost series events
    • Influencer management for integrated social and IRL campaigns
    • Produced influencer dinners and large-scale sailing trips bringing together industry pioneers
    • Created hype around IRL experiences - resulted in robust sampling opps for the right demo
    • Facilitated press introductions
    • Provided analytics and data around customer interaction and retention.
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    • Niman Ranch: Raised with Care
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      Niman Ranch

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      Sustainable Livestock

    Niman Ranch

    Niman Ranch uses the Outpost platform to better educate a millennial demographic about their products and sustainability efforts. Outpost is helping to propel this super premium brand into the mainstream.

    • Helped the team craft an updated content and onsite experience strategy to reach a younger audience
    • Developed creative + produced a shoot to tell stories of Niman Ranch farmers and “raised with care”
    • Created various video, photography, podcasts, and other campaign assets
    • Gave Niman a platform to showcase the celebrity chefs in their network at Outpost events
    • Influencer management for integrated social and IRL campaigns, including chef-led workshops
    • Produced “Frontier Dinners,” bringing together industry pioneers for an over-the-fire meal like no other
    • Created hype around Niman IRL experiences - resulted in robust sampling opps for the right demo
    • Facilitated press introductions, including Eater media
    • Provided analytics and data around customer interaction and retention
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    • Merrell
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      Active Lifestyle

    MERRELL + The Outpost Platform

    Merrell uses the Outpost platform to express their key messaging, “everyone’s trail is different!” These efforts included the development of high-quality video assets, alignment with relevant ambassadors, and IRL experiences that hit this message home.

    • Helped the team craft a marketing strategy to amplify their “everyone’s trail is different” messaging
    • Tailored this messaging to a hip millennial audience and helped build this new target in social + IRL
    • Developed an ambassador strategy, contracting, and confirmation of two new Merrell ambassadors
    • Combined content and event efforts with numerous hip brands to expose Merrell to new audiences
    • Conceived creative and produced marketing content in the southern California desert regions
      • Created partnerships with Bulleit, Nissan, DJI, Kiva, & Helinox to amplify campaigns
    • Developed video and photography assets, which were picked up by media and used for social campaign
    • Developed a robust real-life experiences for Merrell at Outpost Camp Navarro
    • Created a giant sweepstakes with Merrell as a key partner - resulted in over 30k new email sign-ups
    • Created hype around Merrell IRL experiences which resulted in many “test-runs” with Merrell shoes
    • Provided analytics and data around customer interaction and retention
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    • Content & Event Marketing
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      Men's Apparel

    Saxx creates game-changing, next-level apparel that allows guys to move freely, without restriction.

    Outpost aided in developing the SAXX ambassador program to help SAXX tell the #NoStatusQuo brand story as the company transitioned between marketing and brand positioning. Saxx wanted to celebrate men who are changing the world for the better. Guys who strive not just to improve their own lives, but the lives of everyone. Saxx represents a collective of men who are creating a positive impact on the world; benefiting the world and the people around them. Many brands focus on positive change to oneself, but Saxx is more interested in men who are changing the world for the better. This is the core concept behind #NoStatusQuo, which we brought to 3,900 targeted and influential people at events throughout 2018.

    To help validate and drive awareness of the campaign, Outpost connected Saxx with individuals that embody the new brand spirit, brought those guys out to impact-driven events in their key markets and documented the effort to be shared with a wider audience. The key to this campaign’s success was it's holistic approach to have uniform brand messaging with ambassadors, content, and events.

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    • Content Production
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      Mission Workshop

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      Technical Apparel & Accessories

    Mission Workshop is maker of technical apparel and weatherproof bags with a lifetime warranty.

    Mission Workshop needed a new type of brand ambassador as it branched into the world of photography-specific travel bags. Outpost was able to connect them with underwater creative director Perrin James to create content and start a working relationship with a unique individual and extreme users-case in every possible way. Perrin travels anywhere between 150-250 days of the year to freedive and document the world beneath the surface. We visited him at his home on the big island of Hawaii and got his point of view.

    The content created was then used to aid in the launch and continued sales success of the Rhake Laptop Bag and Capsule photo gear insert. The Rhake has become Mission Workshop's top selling backpack online and Mission Workshop has continued to work with Perrin on later projects as a brand ambassador.

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    • Event Production
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      Online Advertising

    SteelHouse is the first self-serve platform to launch retargeting, prospecting, and branding campaigns through every channel including Connected TV.

    Steelhouse tapped Outpost to launch their Creative Suite in the UK Market and position them as a force in the London creative scene. The goal of the experience was to leverage Outpost's community of advertising executives, VIP's, and creatives - to get them excited about the platform. Our team handled every aspect of the unique, pop up experience for 800+ VIP guests in the hip East London neighborhood. The event featured musical performances headlined by A$AP Rocky and produced promotional digital content, including those related to charity partner, Young Urban Arts Foundation. This single event drove a great deal of executive engagement with the Steel House online advertising platform.

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    • Bulleit Frontier Dinner
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      Bulleit, Niman Ranch, Camp Chef, & Crow Canyon

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      Food & Bev

    The Bulleit Frontier Dinner brought together several companies to create a unique atmosphere for influential attendees

    At the Bulleit Frontier Dinner, Outpost Trade Co. hosted a select group of pioneers in various fields to enjoy an amazing meal overlooking the vineyards of the Jack London estate in Sonoma, California. Over the course of the evening, Bulleit provided some delicious cocktails, showcasing a trailblazing approach to cocktails and the astonishing versatility of their various Bourbons. Crow Canyon provided beautifully-designed, yet durable homewares for all the delectables served. @OverTheFireCooking flew out from Nashville to cook up some succulent dishes while using Niman Ranch meats and Camp Chef outdoor cookware. And Niman Ranch educated attendees on their sustainability mission and provided them with the most succulent, domestically-produced prosciutto, pork, and beef being served at this unique gathering.

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    • Talent Buying for Fundraiser
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      A&F Challenge

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      Fundraiser Event

    The A&F Challenge is an annual fundraiser benefitting SeriousFun Children’s Network, a global network of camps and programs for kids with serious illnesses.

    Outpost handled talent buying for Abercrombie & Fitch's A&F Challenge in 2016 and 2017. Within that span, the company nearly tripled their attendance and charity revenue, raising millions of dollars for Paul Newman's SeriousFun Network.

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