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The Outpost Trade series of events is disrupting the conference model in the Outdoor Lifestyle space. 


The Outpost flagship event, September 7th-9th, is ideal for telling your brand story, activating new products, and connecting with influencers and media outlets. Brands have seen increases in both social mentions and commerce conversions from participating in our trade retreat. Last year, Power Practical’s mention lead to $300K+ in sales. Outpost’s objective is to close the gap for brands by introducing their product stories to editors and influencers adding reach and creating new business opportunities. See full list of Outpost community members and event partners.

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Turning Textile Waste into Fresh Apparel : Arvin Goods

As public concern about waste continues to pile up, sustainability has become a marketing ploy. However, ambivalence directed toward these eco-initiatives can been completely cast aside when it comes to Arvin Goods. On the surface, they make socks and underwear. But, more importantly, they are building a closed loop, sustainable apparel company and that is…

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The Basecamp by Airstream and how it all started with designer Bryan Thompson

The Airstream design is iconic, full stop. Like the Beetle in cars and Vespa in scooters, Airstream’s vintage-yet-current design is unlike any other in its category. So, how do you create a compact version yet maintain its unique design? Designer Bryan Thompson answered this question with the beautiful, sleek, silver design of Airstream’s Basecamp. Last…

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Bulleit, 10Barrel, and Stave & Steel discuss what’s in the bottle that makes the brand

Outpost continued its 2017 Brands, Ingredients, and Processes panel in 2018 at Outpost : Mammoth. We brought together representatives from the spirits, wine, and beer industries to tell us more about how their ingredients and processes shape their respective brands. In particular, our panel focused on how ingredients and processes effect the marketing of their…

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Christopher Willits and B&O Play Sound Bath

Christopher Willits, an artist renowned for creating meditative sonic landscapes, built the Envelop software which allows listeners to experience three-dimensional sound. Willits partnered with B&O Play, maker of the gorgeous A9 speaker used here to create a spatial audio sound bath for guests of #outposttrade at Camp Navarro. The result was absolute magic as attendees…

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“What Outpost is creating, is a place where brands can showcase new products and generate new experiences around them, thus creating new sales & marketing and publicity opportunities.”

“Bringing together brands, media, influencers, & enthusiasts – the event feels like a 2-day adult summer camp where connections are forged over the campfire rather than in a trade show booth.”