CONCEPT: Launch the Steelhouse creative suite to London Based creatives, potential advertisers, and existing clients – positioning the brand as a force in the intelligent advertising space. 

RESULT: A unique, VIP experience that catered to the creative class of London. Outpost transformed Oval Space – a hip, East London venue into a one-of-a-kind music and food experience with a top tier performance from A$AP Rocky.

Our team handled every aspect of the experience, from talent negotiations + booking, to menu curation, guest list, partnerships, and non-profit affiliation. Outpost worked directly with local charity – Young Urban Arts Foundation – seamlessly integrating them into the experience, resulting in direct contributions via cash and media.

The event established Steelhouse as an advertising powerhouse in London and set them up for years to come. Steelhouse is now called MNTN, and is widely regarded as one of the major players in connected television advertising.


LOCATION: Oval Space is one of London’s best underground venues. It’s a raw space, but Outpost was able to transform it into an immersive, multimedia branded experience for Steelhouse.

ATTENDEES: 800+ VIP guests were personally invited to the exclusive experience – advertising execs, creatives, artists, and local tastemakers.

HOSPITALITY: Outpost curated a top shelf F+B experience in partnership with local vendors serving up regional favorites. 

ENTERTAINMENT: Outpost handled all talent booking, including A$AP Rocky, ensuring all client requests were met.


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