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Saxx creates game-changing, next-level apparel that allows guys to move freely, without restriction.

Outpost aided in developing the SAXX ambassador program to help SAXX tell the #NoStatusQuo brand story as the company transitioned between marketing and brand positioning. Saxx wanted to celebrate men who are changing the world for the better. Guys who strive not just to improve their own lives, but the lives of everyone. Saxx represents a collective of men who are creating a positive impact on the world; benefiting the world and the people around them. Many brands focus on positive change to oneself, but Saxx is more interested in men who are changing the world for the better. This is the core concept behind #NoStatusQuo, which we brought to 3,900 targeted and influential people at events throughout 2018.

To help validate and drive awareness of the campaign, Outpost connected Saxx with individuals that embody the new brand spirit, brought those guys out to impact-driven events in their key markets and documented the effort to be shared with a wider audience. The key to this campaign’s success was it's holistic approach to have uniform brand messaging with ambassadors, content, and events.

SAXX in Action

At Social Innovation Summit, Outpost Trade Retreat, and Idea City

″Just like we challenge the status quo of the underwear industry, we believe in challenging the world around us to be better.″