Affectionate Falcons at Outpost 2018

At Outpost 2017, “Bird of Prey” was discovered to be a misnomer as attendees cuddled up with these majestic birds, finding their stern, yet gentle demeanor to be as comforting as any puppy dog or kitty cat. These beautiful birds will return to Outpost 2018, accompanied by West Coast Falconry, an institution that will equally warm your heart as the birds themselves.

West Coast Falconry was started by the wonderful Kate Marden, a master falconer and, more importantly, an advocate for the protection of and education about birds of prey. She started West Coast Falconry in 1989 and, since then, has strived to inform the public about conserving the habitats and livelihood of falcons, hawks, owls, and vultures.

You can watch these birds soar and take the most Instagram-worthy photos with them at Outpost 2018 by snagging your tickets here.

Photos by Aly Nicklas, Candy Mountain Collective, Lance Skundrich, William Woodward.