Outpost Redwood Forum 1: Starting a Business – Your Startup, Your First Hire

For our 2018 flagship event, Pineapple produced and hosted the Redwood Forum. As the business track for the event, Pineapple led an open discussion with industry insiders who shed light on business growth, market risks, and brand partnerships. They contributed anecdotal tales of past experience and broader insights from their current positions. As a forum, the panel and Outpost attendees joined in an interactive conversation to discuss key themes and related insights.

Open and engaging, the forums were held in redwood grove in the middle of Camp Navarro, with the panelist and attendees at the same level. Instead of leading conversation from the front, the conversation was interactive, and started from topics contributed by the attendees. In the end, attendees talked as much as panelists, answering questions and contributing their experience to the conversation.

Now that you have started your company and are just beginning to grow, who do you add to your team? What are the effects to your the way you interact with your customer, what are the financial ramifications, how do you communicate your brand? Are they part of the family? Or are they just a resource?

This forum discusses the struggles and opportunities of handling a startup business. Whether you are a consumer products company like Faraday Bikes struggling with inventory and distribution or an early startup like Confidants looking for the right market fit, attendees/speakers contributed personal stories about how they have grown their businesses and the problems they faced..

-Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple, Host
-Adam Vollmer, Faraday Bikes
-Caleb Light, Power Practical
-Adam Lewis, Foghorn Labs
-Lauren Fennema, Confidants
-Outpost Attendees

Check out our creative branding agency partner, Pineapple, on the web! – pineapplesf.com

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