Movie Makers on the Go: Bone + Gold Capture Creative, Compelling Brand Stories Worldwide

Storytelling and aesthetic are two advantages Bone + Gold have mastered when it comes to working with brands. The full service commercial production company was started four years ago by Executive Producer, Rachel Dorsey. Rachel is driven on the daily by “doing.” She feeds off of collaborating with like minded individuals and being on energetic sets.

Rachel is originally from San Diego but now resides in NoCal with her husband who is also her business partner and their two children. She is a creative soul who is a big believer in community, hence why she and Outpost are such a perfect match! Her entrepreneurial and open minded spirit create outstanding client relations and inspiring brand stories worldwide.

The innovative magic movie makers, Bone + Gold, capture a vibrant, playful mood, but always ensure the compelling story includes depth and grit. We were stoked to partner with Bone + Gold for our Open Roads event and have them fully capture the experience through their lens! Bone + Gold provides versatility by offering a variety of visual experience services for brands, concepts, products, and more. The three main company principles are based upon trust, respect, and family.

Are you looking for tips to start your own creative production agency but don’t know where to start? Rachel discusses business logistics, acquiring clients, and more on the Bone + Gold podcast! Discover your creative passion and pursuit now.

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Podcast Co-Hosts:
Marcus V Colombano, Pineapple
Red Rainey, Creative Director