Discussion : What is the future of mountain towns?

Have you ever dreamed of packing up your business and moving it to a peaceful, quiet mountain town? Pipe dream, right? Well, as technology continues to develop ways of maintaining connectivity on the cheap, such a dream is becoming more and more possible. The overhead costs needed to remain in a city, both personally and and as a business, may not even be necessary. Scott McGuire of The Mountain Lab can attest.

Listen in as he talks with several stakeholders (listed below) in the existence of Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes, a year-round resort town in the southern Sierras. Their conversation took place at The FORT, a new co-working space that will enable you to fulfill your dream of setting up shop in the great wide open.

In the conversation:
Scott McGuire – The Mountain Lab – Moderator
Linda Cobb – Bumpercrop Studio
Kimmy Fasani – Burton / Mammoth Athlete
John Urdi – Mammoth Lakes Tourism
Jeff Russell – Ridge Merino

Cover photo by Candy Mountain Collective