• Porches

    Porches is an American synth-pop project of New York-based musician Aaron Maine. He is notorious for writing delicate, evocative songs with homespun beats. Aaron says, "the pivotal songs in the life of Porches are are curated by an incredibly diverse selection of artists like Michael Hurley, The Velvet Underground, and The Strokes."

  • Neon Indian (DJ Set)

    Neon Indian is led by frontman, Alan Palomo. The electronic musician has released three successful albums since 2009 including Pool, Slow Dance in the Cosmos, The House, and there's more to come! Palomo is in the midst of recording his next masterpiece before heading to Italy to play with legendary Giorgio Moroder this July, and then a worldwide tour later this year.

  • Negative Gemini

    As Interview Magazine puts it, "Negative Gemini's hazy rave-pop sounds like Britney Spears meets The Prodigy." That being said, Lindsey French seems to ignore many music styles altogether; creating something that is uniquely profound and very much her own.

  • Kirin J Callinan

    The Aussie musician will be adding a lil underground "rock" into the mix. If you don't know him, then be ready for a show! His flamboyant public persona and eclectic musical output is known to excite and tantalize.

  • Ana Roxanne

    Ana Roxanne is an intersex Southeast Asian musician based in Los Angles. Ana creates layered ambient soundscapes which are at times playful, at other times transcendent. The amazing diversity of textures in each of her songs make the listening experience an exciting treat.