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  • Cristina Mittermeier

    Mittermeier founded the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) in 2005 and in 2015, she co-founded SeaLegacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the ocean. Mittermeier was named one of National Geographic's Adventurers of the Year in 2018 and is the recipient of many awards, including the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award, and the Imaging Award for Photographers Who Give Back.

  • Danny Clinch

    Danny Clinch loves music. He listens to it, plays it, photographs it, and films it. Through this passion, Danny has established himself as one of the premier photographers across the entire music scene. He has shot and filmed a wide range of artists, from Johnny Cash to Tupac Shakur, from Bjork to Bruce Springsteen. His work has appeared on hundreds of album covers and in publications like Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, and more.


  • Chris Burkard

    Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. Burkard’s images are punctuated by energized landscapes and moments of bliss, by adventure seeking and the lifestyle that ensues, by movement and intuitive light-working capabilities. With the ocean as his main muse, Burkard has consistently captured this subject in timeless and expansive photographic impressions, utilizing the tool of surfing to approach the ocean’s intricate personality and then extending out to include the human personalities that draw meaning from this same source.

  • Tycho

    EPOCH, Tycho’s acclaimed fourth studio album, made an extraordinary chart debut upon its 2016 arrival, entering Billboard’s “Top Dance/Electronic Albums” at #1 following its surprise release – Tycho’s highest main chart placement to date. EPOCH further made history by earning the Bay Area-based group its first ever GRAMMY® Award nomination as “Best Dance/Electronic Album.” EPOCH – which includes such extraordinary tracks as “Division,” “Horizon,” and the brilliant title piece – is available digitally at all DSPs and streaming services.


  • Chris Cosentino

    Passionate author, chef, cyclist and philanthropist, Chris Cosentino is co-owner of San Francisco’s celebrated Cockscomb restaurant, Jackrabbit in Portland, OR, and Acacia House at Las Alcobas, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Napa Valley, with partner Oliver Wharton and parent company Delicious MFG & CO. During Incanto’s twelve-year tenure, Cosentino mastered the art of hand-crafted cured meats and helped raise awareness about utilizing the entire animal, including its offal.

  • Tony Hawk

    From video games to skateboards to online media to clothing to world tours, Tony has dominated the Action Sports market with his laid-back style. He is the most recognized Action Sports figure in the world and, according to some marketing surveys, one of the most recognizable athlete of any kind in the United States. Tony’s foundation helps finance public skateparks in low-income areas in all 50 states, providing a safe place to skate, and helping to build the self-confidence of youths from Marathon, Florida to Sitka, Alaska. Skateparks that received financial assistance from the Tony Hawk Foundation currently serve over 6 million kids annually.


  • Nick Thune

    Nick Thune is an actor and comedian who's absurdist view and deadpan wit have distinguished his unique style of storytelling mixed with one-liners. Nick has appeared on "The Tonight Show" 10 times, "Conan" 2 times, and Late Night 1 time. On each occasion, he won.

  • Alex Cameron

    Alex Cameron is an Australian singer, songwriter, photographer, and performer who rewrites the rules of intimacy. The Sydney native spins unflinching truths through singular fictional narratives, chameleonic as he slips in and out of the mindsets of contemporary villains, the people we hold at arm’s length (for good reason).