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Discussion : Processes, Ingredients, and Brand with Sunset Magazine

Every brand and their products are the sum of their parts. From beer to kombucha, edibles to entrees, that perfect product is the result of the ingredients and process. Consumers recognize this. For a time, when Bird’s Eye was bustling and fast food was flowing, the consumer was unaware, maybe just unconcerned, with what their food and beverages was made of. This lazy consumer archetype is a dying breed and the conscious consumer is dictating what products and brands thrive. Angela Brassinga of Sunset Magazine sat down with key players in the food and beverage spaces to discuss how their brand and products have become successful through careful curation of ingredients and a relentlessly scientific approach to creation.

In the conversation:
Angela Brassinga – Sunset Magazine – Moderator
Stephanie Hua – Mellows
Chris Cosentino – Chef, Author of Offal Good
Ramon Tamayo – Anchor Brewing
Sean Lovett – Revive Kombucha
Dan Braun – Camp Navarro
Cliff Kapono – PhD student at UCSD, Professional Surfer

Cover photo by Molly DeCoudreaux