Turning Textile Waste into Fresh Apparel : Arvin Goods

As public concern about waste continues to pile up, sustainability has become a marketing ploy. However, ambivalence directed toward these eco-initiatives can been completely cast aside when it comes to Arvin Goods. On the surface, they make socks and underwear. But, more importantly, they are building a closed loop, sustainable apparel company and that is precisely what they set out to be, from the very beginning.

Arvin creates fresh fabric using textile waste from the apparel industry. It doesn’t take much thought to recognize how much wasted fabric and apparel there is in the world when you walk through a high turnover outlet like Zara. And, water consumption in the apparel industry is sky high. So, Arvin’s company mandate to use recycled materials is a beacon of hope for a notoriously high impact and wasteful industry.

Arvin Goods will be on display at the next Outpost in Navarro, CA from September 7-9. So, grab your tickets here and pick up some Arvin swag while chatting with the Arvin team to learn more about this exemplary company.